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Author Topic: Idea: personal subset of servers  (Read 78041 times)
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« on: November 08, 2010, 08:57:20 AM »


I have an idea for your proxy service. What if you make, for example, 3 proxy servers available for only 1 subscribed person. So this person is (almost) sure no one else is using them. You could let the user choose these 3 servers based on location, latency and some other parameters...

It's just an idea Wink
I would definitely subscribe for this kind of service!

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« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2010, 05:48:24 PM »

Thank you very much for shareing yoru ideas with us. Let me explain form far end... as you know currently we have over 4000 differnt working proxy servers for last 5 hours. All this proxy servers are availabe for download. Many users used to download all this proxy servers and use them in 100-200 threads. That in turn causes high load and fast proxy death... So once we decided to reduce download proxy list from 4000 to just 200. You will not believe but too mnay VIP members start complain about it. We kept this limitation for 2-3 days and finally we remove it...

As an alternative I could tell you that (our partner project) did everything even better. When you buy SOCKS proxy list, you buy certain amount... they have something like 2000 working SOCKS proxy list at any time but what they did? They fairly split that list among their clients...

Just imagine if they have 20 clients and each should have 200 SOCKS severs then they will split 2000 proxy severs among them and each of them will have their own unique list!

Even more, as you know during 24 hours the list is changed so the user could get some new SOCKS proxy servers. To solve that problem they keep history which proxy servers user already saw and if it is alive then first of all they will give it to him and after fill the necessary amount with random one from the remaining list.

We could implement the same logic for our clients but we are sure nobody will like it Smiley I could suggest you to check their SOCKS list, they have free demo SOCKS proxy servers on their main page (update very one minute) may be you will like it more.

p.s. we are thinking about making 20-30 very high speed proxy servers private and available to download only from web page (for those, who used proxy servers for browsing).

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