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Author Topic: Different proxy types: BotNet proxy servers  (Read 216488 times)
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« on: June 29, 2010, 11:35:43 PM »

Before saying anything about BotNet proxy server I must warn you that: ALL BOTNET PROXY SERVERS ARE ILLEGAL AND EVEN THEIR SIMPLE USAGE FOR WEB SURFING IS TREATED AS BREAKING THE LAW. That is why I strongly recommend you never use them if you do no want to have big problems...
But why BotNet proxy servers are illegal? How do they work? Of course the most detailed articles about them are written on, you can read the article here BotNet. If you want just a short description of BotNet proxy server here it is: each program and operating system has vulnerability, so called exploits. Hackers use exploits to secretly install their little software on victims' PC. That little software works like a slave BOT (also known as robot). When it gets commands from the master, it performs them on victims PC and after sends work results back.

So BotNet proxy works in the following way. You send web request (open a web page for example) to the server where master is located. The master forwards your request to one of his slave bots, they do request (open a web page) on victim's PC and send result to the master, later master will forward reply to you.

From the first sight it looks like such proxy servers are the best to hide your trap... but wait a second, let me explain what you will get as a result:

1) You cannot have the same IP all the time. Each request is done though different slave BOT, so your outgoing IP is always changed. You will notice this problem when you will decide to login on some web site... For security reasons most web sites bind your authentication to your IP. If your IP changed that means you are in different place or someone else is trying to login, so the system will ask you to login again and again Smiley because your IP is changing after every request...
2) You will have a big delay between your requests and replies... master needs time to get reply from slave BOT, and slave BOT in turn needs time to open a web site and send result back. You request's speed depends on the victim’s internet connection quality.

3) Most important is that you put yourself under high risk when you use BotNet proxy servers. There is not difference if you use such BotNet proxy server for opening a web page or for something illegal. You use stolen PC and that is already breaking the law!!!

BTW if you will be caught using BotNet proxy servers, you could be asked to pay fine Smiley it will be really hard to prove that you have not done the hacking and just bought a BotNet proxy Smiley Imagine, the monthly rent price for each dedicated server is ~300 USD. The BotNet proxy servers use over 5.000-10.000 such servers, so you can imagine the size of the fine you will be forced to pay Smiley

Keep visiting our forum to read interesting articles Smiley Needless to say, if you have question related to this article or you are interested in something else, you are more then welcome to post your questions here Smiley

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