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Title: Different proxy types: Anonymizers
Post by: HIF on June 29, 2010, 11:39:43 PM
Last couple of years, anonymizers becomes more and more popular among web surfers. Since they are easy to use and the owners never ask users to pay for their service. Just small group of users realize the risk of using such services. Nobody knows how to select right anonymizer and prevent stealing their personal information.

Just imagine the simple scenario: you want to access facebook or bebo from the place (school, university, work) where they are blocked. The easiest and cheapest (FREE) solution seems to be anonymizer.

You open facebook web site though anonymizer and now you enter your user name and password in the fields and press login button :) BUT did you pay attention that your browser is sending your password to anonymizer web site instead of facebook? The anonymizer will forward your user name and password to facebook web site... you will pass authentication and login to your member area, it looks like everyone is happy :)

STOP! Your user name and password sent to anonymizer!!! They can simply save it and later access your member area, send some spam to your friends or some other dirty stuff. You will never think that your password was stolen by anonymizer :) To be honest the word stolen is not very accurate because you SHARE your password by your own :)

BTW web sites which are used to steal your password are called phishing web sites. They look like original ones and the victim enters his password without hesitations. After 5-10 seconds his password automatically changed and he lost access to his account (for example PayPal). Even browsers (Firefox) start blocking such web sites automatically, warning users about possible phishing.

BUT hackers found a solution, instead of creating such phishing web site; they use anonymizers to steal the password :) Just to let you know how easy and cheap is to install such fake anonymizer: hacker needs one domain (10 USD), small shared hosting (5 USD) and the PHP script which could be installed within 30 minutes. So it looks attractive for hacker to steal thousand facebook accounts for just 15 USD :)

That is why I strongly recommend that if you want to use anonymizer, use only trusted ones. For example if you will see some anonymizer run by uknown person you should never use it. BUT at the same time if a big web site which is 2-3 years old runs the same service, feel free to use it. The main rule you should use, is the web site's reputation's price. For example, the price of reputation is worth 50.000 USD, it is useless to use such expensive web site for stealing your facebook password, which has high value only for you :)

Keep visiting our forum to read interesting articles :) Needless to say, if you have question related to this article or you are interested in something else, you are more then welcome to post your questions here :)

Title: Re: Different proxy types: Anonymizers
Post by: Vladimir999 on July 26, 2010, 09:16:00 PM
Thanks for the information HIF, very instructive, as usual.

Title: Re: Different proxy types: Anonymizers
Post by: HIF on July 27, 2010, 06:33:09 AM
You are always very kind :) Thank you very much for your praise and question.

I am really sorry for being late with reply to your question but when you ask us about anonymizers that brought us to idea that we have to describe all proxy types, instead of describing only anonymizers. Users should know what are the advantages and disadvantages of each proxy type.

You will not believe but 80% of the users, we speak every day, had no idea that any usage of BotNet is already against the law or the high chance to loose password when they use some unknown anonymizers.

Of course all that types are just a general description. Most of them have sub categories... for example I know at least 3 different BotNets, two types of anonymizers and so on.

Case you will have some more interesting questions, please never hesitate to ask ;)

Title: Re: Different proxy types: Anonymizers
Post by: toprngr on August 17, 2010, 05:30:18 AM
I believe that not much of this information is known by others, in fact, this piece of information here could save lots of people and reduce the risk of losing their accounts. I personally agree too that this is a very serious issue as Facebook contains a lot of private information and it would be worse if it is related to Paypal as it relates to money. In my opinion, it would be best not to use an anonymizers at all.

Title: Re: Different proxy types: Anonymizers
Post by: jemmy on March 02, 2011, 08:34:44 AM
This type of proxy servers is called differently: CGI proxy, anonymizer ,web proxy etc.&  these proxy servers let a remote computer (web-server) know, that there is used a proxy, however, they do not reveal an IP address of a client.

Title: Re: Different proxy types: Anonymizers
Post by: HIF on June 06, 2014, 12:35:08 AM
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