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Title: Hi. I just paid for subscription for VIP to
Post by: coss on July 09, 2010, 05:19:17 PM
I purchased one month (30 days) - 15 US dollars for (for advanced level users).

I look forward to being a VIP member.

I hope I posted this is the correct place.

Thank you!



Thanks for the code!

I just checked it out and I'm very pleased. Thank you again!


Title: Re: Hi. I just paid for subscription for VIP to
Post by: HIF on July 10, 2010, 02:04:20 AM
For sure you have placed you question on right section of the forum.

The VIP pass should be automatically sent to your email but in some cases you can have problems. If you have not received your pass within 15 minutes, please check your SPAM folder for any email with following subject:

Your personal VIP password to

Also please pay attention if your account needs activation. The email will contain following instruction:

However you account needs activation. The email with activation code was dispatched to email which is associated with your PayPal account.

You will be asked to activate your account only if you subscribe via PayPal and you have chosen your contact email different from your PayPal email.

Also you can always ask your question here, by email or ICQ :)

Title: Hi. I just paid for subscription for VIP to
Post by: Amaaoto on April 23, 2011, 01:51:29 AM
Hi. I paid for subscription for VIP to in the last 2hrs ago but i have not receive my  vip access password.. i would like to know what next to do or what the problem is?

Title: Re: Hi. I just paid for subscription for VIP to
Post by: HIF on April 25, 2011, 05:20:28 AM
If you have not received password you have to follow instructions (quatation from subscription page):

These notes are written for your own safety, please read them carefully:

Please use valid email address, YOUR VIP PASSWORD WILL BE SENT THERE.

If you had misstiped your email, you will NOT get password. You will need to use VIP password recovery tool or as alternative you can contact us ( Even if you made a mistake, do not worry about it! In most cases your problem will be solved within less then 24 hours. Please note that after payment is done your password will be instantly emailed to you. Case you do not get your password within one hour there are two possible reasons:

1) The email with your VIP password was marked as SPAM by your email provider. In that case please double check your JUNK or SPAM folder for any incoming email with following subject: 'Your personal VIP password to'.

2) You misstiped your email (It sounds stupid but we have 4-6 such cases every month). To solve that problem please use VIP password recovery tool.

It is rarely happned but in case none of methods described above helped you, please contact us ( You WILL get reply within 24 hours! If you did not get reply from us within 24 hours that means we have not recived your email (our system mark it as a SPAM). In that case please try to contact us via: ICQ, Live Chat, web form or by creating a topic on our forum (that works for 100%).

As for recovery tool it is located on the same 'payment' page but on the right side: VIP password recovery tool (

Also you can contact us by Live Chat, online web form, ICQ or email.
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