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Title: Email with activation code not received yet...
Post by: wpardijr on July 29, 2012, 06:09:38 AM
Hi there,

I bought a one-month VIP access yesterday (July 28th, 2012) via PayPal.

However I haven't received an email with the activation code (consequently, when I try to use the VIP password as the unlocked code, it doesn't work).  ???
A fter the transaction was processed I just received two instant email messages from PayPal, but neither of them contains the activation code...

I checked my spam filter (using Thunderbird) but I haven't found any email from you.

I would appreciate a faster reply  ::)

Thank you for your understanding.


Title: Re: Email with activation code not received yet...
Post by: HIF on July 29, 2012, 06:14:00 PM
Thanks for your payment, please never mention your order ID of any other information on the forum because it may be used to get your VIP code. This time I have removed your order ID. Please open this page: in right side of the page you can see VIP recovery tool. All you need is to select 'Order ID' from drop down menu and enter your order ID in the next input field. Then click recover button and web site will redirect you to the page with your VIP code.

Also you may try to check your SPAM or JUNK folder. In some cases our emails may be marked as SPAM by some email service providers.

If you still experience the same problem, just drop us a message.

With best regards


Title: Re: Email with activation code not received yet...
Post by: wpardijr on July 31, 2012, 03:53:09 PM
Hi there,

Thanks for your promptly reply. However, I must admit I didn't like it.

The reason for that is since you removed my Order ID I couldn't recover my VIP code as you suggested below...

Remember that I haven't received a single email from you (except two automatic messages from Paypal, but they don't contain any activation, VIP or whatever any other code), therefore I don't have a single information with me (if I knew that this would happen before, I would have written everything in a piece of paper).

I also tried using the "PayPal transaction ID" with the transaction ID available on my PayPal account, but when I used it the same page reloads itself...

Also, before I contacted you by the first time I checked my Trash folder (all spam and junk messages are sent there automatically, but not deleted until I decide) and I didn't find any message from you (and my email address was typed correctly, otherwise the PayPal transaction wouldn't be valid).

Anyway, since I have spent a LOT of time for nothing I decided to cancel the recurring monthly payment.
Unfortunately I lost U$25.00, but I have learned my lesson here...

Title: Re: Email with activation code not received yet...
Post by: HIF on July 31, 2012, 04:44:57 PM
It is pity that you had that much problem. If you checked the link I gave you above, you would notice that you can recover your VIP code with PayPal transaction ID too. PayPal transaction ID could be found within the email you got from PayPal. Also, did you check your SPAM or JUNK folder? (the suggestion to do that is on our buy page)

If you need to change the email where VIP code should be sent then simply write us from the email, which you used for subscription. Do not worry about the time it takes to solve your issue, 30 days will be counted from them moment you will solve the problem.

Waiting for your reply


p.s. Please try to understand that only your email service provider decides which email should be marked as SPAM and which not.
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